What's your favourite non-insomniac Spyro game?
a hero's tail was fun and super cute. spyro's run cycle and character model was to die for. i also loved ember and flame, i just wish they had more of a presence in the entire franchise because their personalities/stories are pretty bland as is.

tlos: dawn of the dragon i absolutely love! you can't beat a couch co-op game. and, when you play by yourself, it's so much fun to switch between the two dragons. not only that, but the game itself is gorgeous. flying through the valley of avatar level was breathtaking (especially with the music). tlos games had some definite rough parts and, at times, poor writing, but i really do enjoy playing dotd
Hmm, I’ve only played 4 other Spyro games out of the original Trilogy; that being Season of Ice, Season of Flame, Attack of the Rhynocs, and Dawn of the Dragon. Out of the games I’ve listed, I think I liked Season of Flame the most.

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