1. Be respectful.
    We are a forum that supports all forms of Spyro, including Legend Spyro AND Skylanders Spyro. Please treat others with respect and accept their opinions.

  2. No spamming.
    Spamming advertisements or promotions of something completely irrelevant to this forum result in you being immediately banned. No exceptions.

  3. Do not post off-topic.
    Posting comments that isn't relevant to the topic subject is distracting and frowned upon. If you want to talk about something apart from the topic subject, please post said comment in a different topic that match your comment's subject. The only place this rule isn't enforced is in Idle Chatter, so feel free to post whatever you want there.

  4. Do not double post.
    Unless updating a topic with news regarding the subject, posting multiple times in a row to respond to a user's comment is not needed. If you want to add new content to your message, simply use the Edit Button.

  5. Do not flame, belittle or troll other users.
    Do not be disruptive towards other members, or provoke them intentionally. If you feel like you have been provoked or see others engaging in inappropriate behavior, please report this to a moderator or administrator.

  6. Do not post illegal content
    This includes episode downloads, ROMs, etc.

  7. Advertising
    Advertising an artist, an art gallery, or a YouTube/Twitch/Livestream channel is okay as long as you use the correct category. It should NOT be an advertisement for another forum, competitor, or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) material.

  8. Please use English.
    Since the Magic Crafters forum is an English-speaking forums, very few people will not be able to understand you if you use other languages. However you can speak in your native language ONLY IF you provide an English transcript with the original text.

  9. Use constructive criticism.
    Debates are okay as long as they do not get out of hand. Do not lash out or bash other users for not sharing your opinion on something you don't like. If you hate/dislike something about it, give an understandable reason why. Consider thinking in other perspectives.

  10. Only one account.
    Do not abuse multiple accounts to pretend to be more than one user. Multiple accounts WILL be terminated and if further accounts are made, the primary account will be banned.

  11. Be considerate.
    Do not post pointless messages, including those that stretch pages for no reason. Do not abuse certain privileges and BBCodes that are given to you. DO NOT make posts with a bunch of pointless pictures, this eats up bandwidth and it not very considerate for those who use mobile and limited Internet data.

  12. Keep comments clean.
    Do not post comments regarding NSFW content, fetishes, excessive swearing of any kind. Keep it PG-13 when posting.

  13. Keep Private Information to yourself
    For your safety, do not post your personal information. That includes your home address, family names, and account passwords.

  14. No Spoilers without Warning
    When a new game or book is out to the public, it is best to hide certain major details on the story using the forum Spoiler tags. This helps users become aware that the content that is hidden contains info they that don't want to know yet until they get the targeted game or merchandise. If you are making a topic that is considered a spoiler, make sure you point that out in the topic title. The longevity regarding certain story spoilers ranges from 4-8 months.