The worst entry in the Spyro franchise
I wouldn't say the worst.  Shadow Legacy was my personal least favorite.  Yes, it was bland and boring, but it was a step up from enter the dragonfly.  I don't think this is a bad game, but it's probably the second worst 3D spyro game out there.  I don't find myself playing this one all that much.

P.S. Enter the dragonfly is the worst 3D spyro game.

Hmm, makes me want to do a top 10 spyro games list on this site.
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When I play this game, I feel nothing.
AHT was okay, though I wouldn't call it the worst entry in the franchise. I sorta wished they gave Flame and Ember more screentime.
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I finally played it again. I can pretty much some the whole game up with this.

In the first Spyro game, when you beat all of the enemies in a world and the they don't respond till you die. That empty void of nothing around you interesting. You can exit the level and go play a new game. Hero's tail (except for one part that was Ok) is that feeling of uninspiring...whats a good word...Emptiness, that I get from when the level is empty in Spyro 1, but it's for the whole game.

P.S. The one time you get to play as hunter in the ice world might be the only thing I couldn't find anything wrong with. Except Bentley of cores
Better then Crash so put him in Smash

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