So..... this game.....
I've made it my mission to replay every single Spyro game in order leading up to Reignited Trilogy's release (this includes the Legend trilogy and the first Skylanders game since that has the word Spyro in the title) and recently I just completed Enter The Dragonfly again- and I was kind of surprised to discover that I actually kind of enjoyed my play through the game.

Don't get me wrong- this game is bad and has a lot of problems, but I still enjoyed myself as I remembered all the parts that I DO like about this game- such as the level design (I love Luau Island and Thieves Den), music and mini games.

Most of the problems just lie in the bugs and glitches- the frame rate in levels such as Crop Circle Country and Cloud 9 is abysmal and the scenery just has a habit of disappearing altogether in any level. Sometimes Spyro's animations will just stop so you are moving around a static model. Not to mention all the other countless glitches.

Other issues are due to how development was rushed so corners were cut (many time, Sparx's "voice" does not match his subtitles, so it was obviously recorded for a completely different line, and there are 3 instances where diifferent NPCs say the line "OK, come back anytime", but they just use the same voice clip for all 3, leading the voice to not match 2 of the characters at all). 

My point being, if the bug were just fixed this game would instantly go from terrible to just average/OK- and that would be fine with me. It still wouldn't be on the same level as the original trilogy, but it would make it a pleasant game to pick up and play. 

Such a shame it was rushed.
"I was BORN to glide!"

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