Which mini-game was the worst in your opinion?
For me it was the whack a mole one in Crystal Islands! WHY DID INSOMNIAC THINK THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA?!! JUST THINKING ABOUT IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!!
Spyro is the coolest dragon of all time! Also, Insomniac Games are the greatest game developers of all time!
Yeti Boxing......
"Looks like I got some things to do!"

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Yeti boxing and the yeti skateboarding in Super Bonus Round
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yeti skateboarding in Super Bonus Round
That one with Sheila and the Haiku brothers. God dammit
The hovercraft competition in Haunted Tomb and You're Doomed in Fireworks Factory. I'm not looking forward to playing those again in the remake.
Oh, that hovercraft bit was annoying at first too, I'll admit, but now I can go through it with fair ease.
- You're Doomed (Fireworks Factory)
Particularly at the beginning area up until where the first fodder is located when the attacks come from all angles and there is absolutely nowhere to take cover sniper mode is a severe handicap.

- The Dragons (Fireworks Factory)
The problem here is that the segments of their bodies quickly grow back. Those things are slippery. It's easily gotta be the longest mini-game in the entire original trilogy! At least for me, it was. Took me forever!

- Tank Blast 2 (Haunted Tomb)
That damn thing is a ***** to steer and it gets no speed. You've got shots coming at you from everywhere and again no dodging. To top it off failing costs lives in this mini-game (it might in You're doomed as well but I can't remember for sure)!

- Egg slide (Crystal Islands) - Technically this is supposed to be free stuff since it's not actually a game with foes but it's difficult to get through without a practiced sense of balance. All that would be fine if falling didn't cost lives!

- The Exterminator Game (Haunted Tombs): Particularly the last two or three areas. Here Agent 9 isn't in sniper mode because most of the targets are small and too low on the ground but the one advantage to sniper mode is better aim.

- The Bailey Gang Shootout (Dino Mines): Far less difficult than You're Doomed since the targets, for the most part, remained stationary. It was the no dodging handicap of Sniper mode that made it a bit tough.

- Yeti boxing (Frozen Alters): The Colossus Yeti is tough, at least until I figured out that you don't have to drain him, you just need to have more HP than him when the time runs out.

- The Cat Witches (Charmed Ridge): Particularly the last part where the ground turns into lava or something you can't land in. It's hard to aim while holding down the button that keeps you in the air.
Another game that costs lives but the one positive thing about this game is that there is a blue butterfly obtainable by blasting all the windows in the room that respawns each time you die so you'll always get that life back.

Yeah, I'm sure you've noticed that most of my list consists of Agent 9 mini-games.
I remember the Ice Skating mini game where you had to protect that ice skater girl from hockey player rhynocs. That was probably the worst time for me that I can remember.
I'm not sure which one is worse imo, but I had more struggle with Frozen Altars' freezing cat minigame than the boxing yeti.
Tho now I'm thinking about it, even the Snowboard minigame in the Super Bonus Round gave me nightmares. Ahah.

So it's a tie between freezing cat one or the snowboard minigame.
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