Which mini-game was the worst in your opinion?
For me, it's pretty much any mini-game involving Sgt. Byrd. I don't dislike him as a character, but I always found him to be a huge pain to play as. Here's to hopin' that the Reignited Trilogy will fix that!
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I'm not a fan of the flooded mine shaft minigame in Dino Mines. More specifically, if you are aiming for the sea horses to get the skill point. I find it much more bearable in the Reignited version, however.
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I found it pretty easy til that the first Skate board race in the third game.  I won only to lag, like they couldn't keep up to how much lag there was so it was pretty much just me ...Cheating?  But outside of that everything else was easy.  The key to all of these mini games was patience, skill, and the right sound track to listen to when you get mad.  THROUGH THE FIRE AND THE FLAMES WE CARRY OOOOOOONNNNNNNNN
Better then Crash so put him in Smash

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