Cynder was originally set to breathe green fire
According to Jared Pullen, Cynder was originally going to breathe green fire. Evident of this is that there are texture files in the game that has has Cynder's name along with green fire. But they scrapped it when the color was too much like Terrador and the Earth elemental color.

"Looks like I got some things to do!"

[Image: 06c5b25a08299b7ecb5d4b2ceb06a9d6.gif]
Almost like OG Spyro with the grass Tongue
"The funny-looking guys with the shock sticks have drained all our water!"
Sup, guys? My name is BitCritterSpyro, an OG of this forum, and a HUGE Spyro fan. I'm so much so that some may consider me a fanboy :-P

But I also love the Spyro water levels. Sometimes I consider myself part fish. BLOOB :fish:
I suppose I agree with the redundancy in it being too much like the Earth element, but it still would have been pretty badass. Not complaining either way though.

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