Crystal Chronicles (Mature Fanfiction)
Here I will be offering the link up to my current fanfiction in progress that is related to the Legend of Spyro universe. I haven't made significant updates to it for a time, but I'm gearing up to start adding more to it for this coming summer.

Crystal Chronicles is something I've been planning out for over three years now, with quite a wave of notes and plans in my drawers for where I want to go with it. It is a MATURE rated story, so if you're going to venture into it be aware that certain themes and elements will be explored that might make young readers uncomfortable and or confused.

It takes place 10 years following what occurred in Dawn of the Dragon, and features a multi-concurrent story following many new characters in two different timelines. Needless to say, plenty of Spyro elements and characters are also included and featured heavily in the narrative. The eventual plan is to have three entries, with my goal to have the first finished at the end of the year. 

Again, just be aware this is a MATURE rated story. Thanks in advance to any who decided to read and enjoy it. Hope to offer up more soon.

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