Spyro Movie V 9.8 Final
I hit writers block when I read the last 2 movies I wrote for Spyro.  There are a few things I did change about the first 2 I wrote but they where minor differences that helped Bianca and Elora have more established roles.  I don't want to release an unfinished script, at leat not you guys.  SO I just want to give you the stortest version I can give

Story: Spyro would dive more into the lore of dragons as he figures out ways to fight despite him not having powers.  Apes attack during this time and Spyro, Sparks and Hunter all end up falling for a trap that was configured by Cynder.  They find themselves in a arena where the rules are simple, you win you live, you loose you get "Upgrades".  Here Spyro would be forced to fight with out actual power, but instead his mind and planning skills, trying to escape with all his new friends (That he meets in this place like Bentaly, Blink, Ty, and maybe Crash Bandibuddy, but that's just fan-fic) all while trying to survive.  It would end with them all getting out and capturing Cynder again but Spyro and Sparks leaving to the White Isles and find the Chronicler.

The next one would focus more on everyone else until the last third.  Hunter found his best friend Meadow last movie but he has been "Upgraded" and is a violent mess, forcing the conversation is he worth saving.  However while that is going on behind everyone back the Dragons retreat into Warfang without a reason and shut everyone out.  This creates a war among allies and their story ends with them hoping that Spyro can come back and remind them of hope once more.  Spyro would be doing training as well as regaining his power, but the catch is he has to understand the other elements, the dark ones.  Spyro is a purple Dragon so he needs to understand balance in order to obtain it even if that means going dark, but with Malefor on the returning point and Cyder missing again he has no choice.
...BUT TO OPEN A PORTAL BRINGING IN ALL SPYRO'S COUNTERPARTS.  Yep all Spyros OG, Reignited Skylanders, even an anime one I had some draw up.  BUT it fails when the portal closes and they all vanish with it leaving only this Spyro to deal with this mess.  Leading to Spyro loosing himself to darkness, against his will, and Cyder saves him only to be to late and the two of them with sparks thrown into a dark portal which leads them to Convexity.

And that's the end.

I can't bring my self to start on finishing this story line until I fix this.  For character arcs look at my other post down below.
Better then Crash so put him in Smash
Spyro:  He would grow up a bit mental but find out of his unfortunate fate, leading him to debate weather its worth it.  Out side of Cynder and Malefor no one can control the dark elements with a sound mind, and he doesn't want to loose that.  He is called ut for being selfish, but not really blamed for feeling the way he does and it ends up with him loosing it anyway.

Hunter: is still like Spyro's older brother, in a since.  Always pushing him to be the best and well as himself to be the best.  He and Bianca will have a few seance together, but it mostly focuses on him trying be less of a potential screw up but more of a potential leader.

Elora/Bianca: They wold get less screen time because I had to fit in a lot more.  They are actually the cause of my writers block, how do I still get them in the story without taking way from what will make it stronger?

Ignitus: He never stops fighting fro the right of Spyro and is the one who leads a team to rescues Spyro in the arena.  He also is the most against the dragons retreating and having self-preservation for what is about to happen.  He never stops beliving that Spyro will come through in the end.  (Unknowing what it will take for Spyro to do so)

Sparks: Less Comedy, if that's what I was writing for him at all.  But he would descover a new abilty while in the arnea (His power is the same as in Spyro 3) and can actualy help fight now.  But more importantly he challenges his brother to do the right thing, what ever that might be he won't leave his side.

Cynder:  OH HOW LONG I HAVE WAITED TO TALK ABOUT YOU.  She is 100% a rival.  She cares little for anyone as long as it get her what she wants.  Cynder's desire is revenge.  She wants the apes to get close to winning just so she can stop them.  "I want to see the look in Gual's eyes when he finds he was so close, but never truly had it then and only then will I stop"-Cynder movie 3. but when Spyro takes her finishing move against Gaul she gets mad. But when Spyro goes dark and has her pend down "STILL...FIGHT...FOR...YOU" Spyro Movie 4, she gets a little moved, and switches sides.  Her whole arc is that there is some humanity in her, but she is ignorant to it.

Character drives plot so that is why I focused so much time to them all.

So there you have it the short version of what I have been working on, sorry for the delay for all two of you that like this fan-fic, but hopefully one day it will be a big screen production
Better then Crash so put him in Smash

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