The legend that went too far.
I was playing New beginning once more for the... you what it doesn't matter.  It dawned on me, This game is good, right?  I feel in love with Spyro 2 Ripto's rage as it was the first game I ever played.  I found this game and it was the first game I ever completed.  Was my nostalgia getting in the way from me seeing this for what it actually was?  I decided to take off the blinders and play the game as it were the first time, got to say.  It's still good, but not that good.  Training was hard and long, the worlds were boring and not creative at times, and all the breathes felt the same.  I felt betrayed by my own self, what was I playing for the last 8 Years? ( I got it late wasn't a game yet)  I must say I was quite taken back, the hours I put in the discussions I had with myself that this was the best of the best.  The Earthbound and Portal 2 of gaming.  How?  I then decided to play the second game.  Then I realized something.  The developers were walking into a no win situation.  "Make a popular gaming Icon darker" how does one do that with out the hint of failure.  By all rights you can't, but they did and not only that it gave us something we will forever associate with our purple friend.  Cynder, #Spyder, has fans from all series asking if she will be in further games.  Dark Spyro, That was cool for the 1 min you got play as him but still great.  Some of the music I would argue that it can be better the the music in Spyro 3.( some not all)  You know I think this series deserves my respect.  It can be frustrating, confusing, and down right bad, but the effort is still there.  I know I will be playing and enjoying these games for years to come, and be forever hoping that A remastered of the Legend series comes out.  Do you agree? Had a similar experience? or do you find what I said to be too long?  Witch ever I must ask, Remake for the Legend?  I would buy it, who else?

Also I have my own version of a "Legend of Spyro New beginning" Movie script If any one wants to see what I have, I'm going to need 5 comments saying they do.
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Personally, I think the series can be summed up in two words. "Lost Potential." Which is essentially what you, myself, and all the other fans have been saying for years. The series just was so close to being something really good, but it suffers. After just completing the remaster of the first Spyro game, your same question is on my mind, and probably even on all us LoS fans. Will LoS be next for a remaster? I don't want a game. Yes, they could update the gameplay and make it crisp and detailed and wonderful, but I just don't have the time I did when these games first came out. However, would definitely prefer a movie (like we were promised, though it would have been bad) or a Netflix series. I'd really enjoy this because it was not the gameplay that got me hooked on this series. It was the story with the dragons (and the music). I have yet to see a series, excluding books, that depicts dragons in this good a light. Not animals like in GOT or How to Train Your Dragon, not evil like Smaug, and not super cartoony. The dragons in Spyro are benevolent, wise, and powerful. Dragons are one of the highest symbols of fantasy, this series made me respect them and what they could be. Yes, I want a remaster, but a game might be more than I need.

It's funny that you mention you have a script because I've been thinking about making one myself. I wonder if it's a common thing among LoS fans because we all have our own questions and problems with the story that we want answered or fixed. Yes, I'd like to see your script to see if you caught my same problems.

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