Introducing Furion!
Hallo Magic Crafters! The name's Furion, and after two or three months of being aware of these forums I've finally decided to come set up and introduce myself. I consider myself a long-time fan of the Spyro games: in truth, I've only played the series' first four console releases, (Spyro the Dragon - Enter the Dragonfly) but my brothers and I have a lot of fond memories of playing those games way back in the day when we were still kids, and you can bet we were excited for the Reignited Trilogy. Speaking of which, having now spent a fair portion of my off-time in the week and a half since its release playing the games, I am very pleased to say that it's been just about everything I'd hoped!

As for my interests outside the Spyro games, I am an unapologetic and unrepentant nerd: I'm something of a tabletop role-playing games enthusiast, think games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, and a couple others slightly more obscure. I'm an aspiring veterinary technician, and while I'm currently on hiatus as far as my schooling goes I'm hoping to fix that and pick it back up sometime during this coming year. Given that, it probably won't surprise you to hear that I am a huge animal lover with a fascination for all sorts of creatures both real and imagined, dragons naturally included. I've dabbled a bit in music; I haven't been able to practise much recently, especially since I'm currently lacking a guitar to practise with, but I'll get that sorted out sometime in the near future. I consider myself pretty open-minded as far as music goes, and I'm into a fairly wide range of genres. My favourites are alternative and indie rock, classic and progressive metal, and various forms of electronic music, but I try not to turn my nose up at any genre on principle. I'm also a bit of a reader, but it's a little complicated; I used to read a lot of fantasy novels back when I was in high school, but these days I don't usually set aside the time for reading like I used to. I'm hoping to try to remedy that sometime in the near-future as well, and maybe branch out into some other genres while I'm at it.

Well, I think that about covers everything you should know about me up front. If you'd like to know more, do feel free to send a private message my way anytime, I really do like making new friends. On that note, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of you around during my time on these here forums! Auf wiedersehen!
Welcome, Furion! We hope you enjoy it here! Big Grin
"Looks like I got some things to do!"

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(11-24-2018, 07:49 AM)CrystalBlazier Wrote: Welcome, Furion! We hope you enjoy it here! Big Grin

Will do! Thanks for the warm welcome. ^^
Welcome to the fan site.
Better then Crash so put him in Smash

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