Enter This Dragon

I've been playing the original Spyro trilogy since junior high and still have my original PS copies of Ripto's Rage and Year of the Dragon as well as my original data. 

About a couple of years ago, I started playing both again from the beginning.

In Ripto's Rage, I'm going for 100% to unlock the permanent superflame. I've just beaten Ripto last night for the first time--ever. He's that flippin' hard!
Now I'm struggling to get through the speedways for those last orbs and gems. I've completed two so far, another first. 
Right now I'm in Metro Speedway.

In Year of the Dragon, same goal. I was unaware of the bonus world when I originally played and now want to access it so I'm wracking up those eggs and gems. *sigh* I fear I will once again have to brave the speedways to achieve this as well and there is more to them in this game. Ugh. 

Normally I bypass them because they've proven to not be my thing, fortunately apart from reaching one particular goal per game, they're optional and I intend to continue doing so after this ONE time.   

I've also abused all glitches possible without an AR which mostly consists of accessing alternate character areas prior to unlocking the characters and discontinued areas that weren't entirely removed. 
i.e the mini-boss arena in Dino Mines. 

I've since gotten a hold of an AR but as of a couple of nights ago I'm playing on my PS3, I've managed to transfer my original data over and as such am still playing the original PS discs. 
Not sure if the AR is usable this way. 
The main thing I'd do with it is moon jump to the so-called "unreachable" island in Midnight Mountain.

I've tried some of the other games; Enter the Dragonfly, Season of Flame, Eternal Night but didn't get into them and in both Enter the Dragonfly and Eternal Night I ended up stuck. 
Season of Flame was the worst, games like Spyro and Kingdom Hearts are awful on the GBA.
I also found a Hero's Tail file on one of my memory cards but the card is the only one with any memory of that game. Google was no help. 

Part of me wants to give Eternal Night another go after reading about the whole Dark Spyro angle but I'm hardly motivated to continue with the DS copy I've got. I'd prefer a Playstation copy. 

So there's my Spyro resume. 

Apart from that, I'm a supernatural genre and a crime drama fanatic. 
I can be harshly uncensored, enjoy NON-RP writing and photoshopping and suck at adulting.
Welcome! Big Grin
"Looks like I got some things to do!"

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