Who’s your favorite Spyro voice actor?
My favorite voice actor for Spyro is definitely Tom Kenny as his portrayal defines who Spyro is to me! Other voice actors I like for Spyro are Carlos Alazraqui, Justin Long, and Elijah Wood.
Spyro is the coolest dragon of all time! Also, Insomniac Games are the greatest game developers of all time!
Whoever did his voice for AHT....

He did the best job after Tom Kenny, hands down x3
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Sup, guys? My name is BitCritterSpyro, an OG of this forum, and a HUGE Spyro fan. I'm so much so that some may consider me a fanboy :-P

But I also love the Spyro water levels. Sometimes I consider myself part fish. BLOOB :fish:
Tom Kenny, Justin Long, Matthew Mercer.
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Tom Kenny.
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Tom Kenny for the classics, because I have a bias for Kenny.

And Justin Long in the Academy show, it's his best animated role so far.
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Tom Kenny. I'm glad he's back to voice him in Reignited Trilogy.
Tom Kenny's portrayal is definitely my favourite. However, I think all the other actors fitted perfectly for their respective games.
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Tom Kenny,He's just me favorite voice Actor PEROID!
I'm also A Skylanders Fan too,So Please don't make such a big deal about it Sad
Tom Kenny was always the best Spyro voice actor to me. He just fit the role so well to me. Carlos Alazraqui is a close second.
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