Classic Spyro Fanfiction: Spyro, Wrath of the Wraith
Been a long time since I've used real internet forums, so I thought I'd peak in here and share a Fanfiction I've started releasing. I'll talk more clinically about it here and try not to worry about typing like a Marketing Man.

Spyro, Wrath of the Wraith is a Fanfiction that I've been planning for a year now and have fully outlined the Plot and Story Arcs. In my head, I want it to be easily visualized like a "Spyro OVA" of sorts. It follows three perspectives each chapter so far, those being Spyro, Bianca, and Gnasty Gnorc.

The conflict begins with Gnasty Gnorc and a partially reassembled force of minions steal Spyro's Magic Guidebook of Avalar and attempt to catch him in a trap as he pursues. From there Gnasty retreats to a hidden land below the Dream Weavers homeworld, the Shrouded Kingdom. Though the Older Dragons uncharacteristically caution Spyro & Sparx not to follow Gnasty into this land, he goes anyway with the help of Bianca, Hunter, the professor, and Zoe. Once there however, everyone finds themselves at odds with a local ruler, the Wraith Regent.

View on Tumblr through this Masterpost.

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If anyone happens to be interested in this concept please feel free to comment about it here or on any of the sites the Fanfiction itself is posted. I'd be interested in talking about my plot ideas and reasoning.

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