Podcast Interview with Legend of Spyro Composer Gabriel Mann
[I'll copy & paste a bit from my DS post because lazy]

Don't get excited, it wasn't me who did it and it isn't technically Spyro-specific [Image: tongue.png]

So a while ago I stumbled across this random podcast interview with Gabriel Mann (console Legend of Spyro co-composer) and today I decided to give it a listen through for the Spyro-related stuff!

There's only a short 5-minute segment of the whole 45 mins or so where Mann talks about his involvment in 'games' in general. Nevertheless, Mann explicitely states he is referencing "mainly the Spyro Stuff" when recounting his experiences here and there might be some interesting things for anyone interested [Image: smile.png]

Link: http://underscorepodcast.blogs...briel-mann.html

Also, I made transcription because sad: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AgOaT7nGGwuYjSCiFoS6zvU0hVvN

Also, appologies if this isn't new news to anyone!

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