The Ring of Heroes are Disbanding
The game developer, Com2Us, announced that Skylanders: Ring of Heroes will stop its services on February 28th, 2022.

Com2Us Wrote:Greetings Portal Masters,

We would like to thank all our players and communities for all their incredible support for the game, and let you know that, with a heavy heart, as of “Feb. 28th, 2022, KST”, the game will no longer be in service. 
As a part of the termination procedure, all in-game packages will be removed on “Dec. 30th, 2021, KST”, but players can continue to play and use their currencies/items in the game until the termination date. 
Refunds will be available for those who have the paid currencies left in their accounts for a certain duration after the termination. 

For more details, please refer to below dates.

1. Service Termination: 02/28/2022 KST

2. In-app Purchase & Download Disable Dates
a. 12/30/2021 KST: In-app Purchase Disable (All packages in the in-game shop will be removed)
b. 2/28/2022 KST: Market Download Disable (App will be removed from the app store)
※ Based on above schedule, In-App Purchase will be disabled, but downloading from the App Stores will be available until the service termination date.

3. Refund Schedule
(1) Dates for Refund Request: 3/1/2022 ~ 4/30/2022 KST
(2) Refund Policy
- Remaining “Paid” currencies as of service termination
* Non-refundable subjects
a. In-game currencies that are given through events, push rewards, in-game play, etc
b. Items that were purchased with the currencies
c. Refund request outside the above-mentioned dates
(3) What you will need to provide for the refund inquiry
c. Market (IOS/AD)
i. If Android, your Google email is needed

For any other inquiries, please contact us through Customer Support channels.

Thank you for your wonderful memories.

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