Spyro vs. Wings of Fire
Are there any Wings of Fire fans here? Personally, I've only read the first graphic novel and I wasn't too keen on it mainly because the first book is just arena fights like LoS: Eternal Night. Anyway, I read HBO was going to turn it into an animated series and I guess it has me worried/perplexed for Spyro. There is not much to say about it for sure. It's just I wonder what is about to happen here. What will this mean for Spyro? Spyro, with the release of the reignited trilogy, is on the verge of a comeback if he hasn't already. Is a Wings of Fire animated series going to be just as or more successful than the original purple dragon? I don't know. It's probably nothing.

I'm a huge LoS fan, so I guess my question is which story/world do you like more? The Legend of Spyro or Wings of Fire?
Hey, remember how I said HBO is making Wings of Fire? Scratch that, it is coming out on Netflix.

Hey, remember how I said what will this mean for Spyro? Scratch that, there is a rumor that Spyro is getting an animated series on Apple+.

Again, it's a rumor. There is virtually nothing said about it. It sounds like it won't be based off of LoS though, so one is going to be lighter than the other (I would assume).

We could have two different dragon worlds competing on two different streaming services. Exciting stuff, right? I don't know. It's probably nothing.
Hmmm, at least I have a Netflix subscription pfff
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Hey, remember how I said Ava DuVernay is making a Wings of Fire Netflix series? It has been cancelled. Wow...what a plot twist.

Hey, remember how I said Spyro is getting a series? That rumor was apparently quickly debunked about a year ago.

I really wanted to see two dragon franchises competing. Oh well, thread closed.

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