Do you think a true Spyro and Crash crossover game will ever be made?
I say this because Spyro Orange and Crash Purple were completely unacceptable as crossovers and that a true crossover needs to be made!
Spyro is the coolest dragon of all time! Also, Insomniac Games are the greatest game developers of all time!
It could happen. I actually see it as much more possible than it ever was before.

The question is, when will it happen? :thinking:
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Sup, guys? My name is BitCritterSpyro, an OG of this forum, and a HUGE Spyro fan. I'm so much so that some may consider me a fanboy :-P

But I also love the Spyro water levels. Sometimes I consider myself part fish. BLOOB :fish:
I think it definitely could happen. If they could make a proper full console game that retains the charm of both franchises, I'd love to play it!
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Considering the success the Crash reboot saw and what I'm pretty sure will def be a success in the Spyro re-imagining, I can see a crossover being done if the demand is sufficient and the popularity for both franchises remains high. That being said, I would prefer to see Spyro get his own new series of games, but I have nothing against the two having something together, have always loved both series and it just feels right since both Insomniac and Naughty Dog worked close together during the productions of both initial games.

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