Changes to the Eternal Night story (exclusively)
Yup, It's a long one, would you expect anything less from me?

Alright LOS fans, college will be starting up again soon for me and I'm taking an adaptation screenplay class. I'm deciding to write a script for the Eternal Night because there's lots of room to play with and writing A New Beginning would be too easy since it really just follows the classic plot of the hero’s journey (and there's nothing wrong with that). So, I’d like to know, though I’m still going to stick with my interpretation, if there is anything you, the fans, would like changed or added. Also, if you have any objections to mine. Some of them include:

Getting rid of that God Damn pirate side quest- I mean seriously does anyone care about this? It's really just in there for filler. Instead I’d rather have Spyro and the Guardians go into the forest and discover the apes are working on creating the golem creatures that we see in the next story. Maybe even come across the giant one being constructed in a pit. Something, not the pirates.

Spyro isn't drained of his power and learning to get it back- He’ll just have it and work on getting better. That's how you become a master of something, slowly.

The eternal night is an eternal night- in the game it switches between night and day, just leave it at night from the moment Spyro is awoken by Sparx.

The crystal in the last story is a macguffin here- I want to rework how the dark master is brought back because it really isn't super clear how that worked. I want to have Malefor's soul in the crystal, which would begin in the Guardians possession at the beginning, and have his body be in the mountain in that room with that ominous statue. The apes of course would be trying to get it and Cynder back to the mountain and have Cynder release him by combining the soul with the body through her dark magic. Gaul discovers that Cynder has switched sides so he tricks Spyro to do it instead. I think I got off track, simply put, everyone is after the crystal. Make sense?

Spyro continues his journey to the Celestial Caves and Well of Souls without Sparx- sorry, but Spyro needs to do some soul searching. This is not the time for comedy. I’ll keep Sparx with Ignitus when the time comes. You'll see them interact because the story would have subplots and cut to Spyro, then Cynder, then to the Guardians, and what the bad guys are doing and so on.

Spyro really is going dark- In training, I want Spyro to be overconfident and really want to know how to do more damage with fire (secretly he’s afraid he doesn't stand a chance against Malefor) and Ignitus won't teach him (because he thinks Spyro is becoming like Malefor). Ignitus will give Spyro what he needs but not what he wants and eventually Spyro will have had enough and abandons Ignitus to go to the White Isle to learn all he can about fire.

Malefor's backstory- I want Malefor to be portrayed as overly cocky in training and boasting he is better than the masters. I want there to be a sort of fire blessing that makes one immune to fire that the elder doesn't give him and that sets him off. So Malefor makes the elder fight him in a sort of dual of fire but Malefor loses and murders the elder when his back is turned. And so he's banished. But here's a key point, now Malefor has a weakness, he can't withstand fire. So Spyro, because of his relationship with Ignitus, will have mastered fire in DoTD and be able to defeat him rather than by “Purple dragon magic” which Malefor practically invented himself. How will I hide this pivotal piece of info later...I haven't the slightest idea.

Finally (the one change I’m really afraid I’ll be bashed for)...........ooooohhhhhh should I say it…..mmmmm…...the dragons are going to walk on two legs- There I said it. Look my friends, their mobility is incredibly restricted on all fours in terms of picking things up and what not. Practically everyone else walks on two legs. Shouldn't they? Even the original Spyro dragons do. Maybe it's a preference thing. I don't know. Someone convince me to do otherwise, I’m curious what the counter argument is.

So anyway, my fingers are about to fall off from typing this on my ipad. This of course isn't even all the changes. If you have any comments or questions about how I or you’d do things please tell me. I'm bored. I’ll even write a scene for you so we can go into more detail. But, if you don't, thanks for reading this far, I love talking about my Spyro ideas with anyone and everyone.

As we say at my current occupation, may the spires keep you.

(Also, in case anyone was wondering whose mouth these words are coming from, I have a YouTube channel by the same name. A Magic Student. Look for the channel with the waving lego figure. The videos are relatively old, but at least you’ll have a reference point. Don't subscribe, I have no current YouTube plans, unless you want to see a lego figure at the top of your channel list.)
So basically what you did was remove the pirate thing and replaced it with more story that helps us understand the characters as well as the world they didn't really build. Plus you made it a lot darker then it was.

Hmmm... not bad, for real, good job. I don't really agree with guardians walking on two legs though, I feel like that is one change that can help it stand out without drawing too much from its original source. I think the fewer the references or looks of the first three games the better or at least space them out.

As for restricted movement, well it almost feels a bit more real therefore more engaging. The movements are based of that of a quadruped what is what a dragon is. To me (even in the reignited trilogy) it looked more cartoon y and not really alive or harsh, and that is what the LoS is "trying" to be. I can see where you are coming from, but I just don't think it is a better nor a necessary change.

WHAT IS and change that needs to be done is that pirate stuff, although I could see that as a spin off game or a comic sires, it really didn't feel like it did anything helpful out side of padding.
Better then Crash so put him in Smash

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