Disney Adventures Spy Kids comics
Does anyone remember the Disney Adventures magazine? It was a children’s magazine that lasted from 1990 to 2007. You might remember Spyro appearing on the November 1999 issue. Towards the end of the issues, it would have the Comic Zone, which included comics of Disney shows and movies, even non-Disney movies.

Well, from 2001 to approximately 2004, it had Spy Kids comics in its Comic Zone, mainly due to the fact that Dimension Films was owned by Disney at the time, and Spy Kids was a big thing at the time. Being a big Spy Kids fan who doesn’t want these comics to be lost forever, I plan to find them. The stories may not have to be mind-blowing, or even good, but it’d be sweet if they were at least found. If any of you have Disney Adventures issues from '01 to '04, and the comics are in there, please send scans of any of its missing pages or even their entirety.


Comics I’m searching for are:
• F.A.N.G.S. a Lot! (March ‘02, English)

• Face to Face with F.A.N.G.! (April ‘03)

• Metal Menace! (April ‘04)

• Pop! Goes the World! (September ‘01, 2/4 pages)

• Rodeo Ruckus! (September ‘02)

• That's Snow Spy! (Collector’s Issue ‘04)

• The Invisible Enemy! (April/May ‘02)

• The Menace of Micro-Man! (July ‘02, 1/2 pages)

• The Mysterious Many-Man! (Super Comic Special ‘02)

• An unknown comic (August ‘02)

There's probably a lot more I'm not aware of.
They can also be found on eBay, but not all of them.

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