History of Cynder + Will She Appear in Future Game?
I did a video on Cynder's history from her Legend of Spyro origins to her Skylanders interpretations. I also speculated if she appears in a future Spyro game and expressed my theory on how she will be acted out.

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She probably could.

I like to think she’s a Machinist and, like her Skylanders counterpart, breathes Electricity.
I even made my own interpretation.
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Yeah...if LoS isn’t getting remastered, then Spyro is done as a franchise. But if I had to give an interpretation of Cynder I would:

-make her a black dragon (none of this “well maybe she was supposed to be a wind dragon” stuff)
-emphasize her attitude of feeling unwelcome in the temple and that Spyro is the only one she feels safe talking to.
-explore her relationship with Sparks to change them from enemies to friends (more than the game did)

Just to name a few things.
Isn't that very much like in LOS?

My theory, as explained in the video (but I'll post it here too), is Cynder may come from an alternate universe version the Dragon Realms where she is the hero but her personality and way of solving problems are opposite to Spyro's.
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I agree, Cynder was my favorite character in my entire life of gameplay. She is just so memorable and independent whilst also being caring and warm-hearted to Spyro. Like in LoS when she said she didn’t want to leave him. I think if she does appear it’ll be in 1- Spyro 4 as maybe a potential mate or really close with Spyro until Spyro 5 when both reciprocate feelings or 2- where LoS is remastered making her a canon figure (though she already is). Either way, I will always love and ship her with Spyro.
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Hmm, I think SpyroxCynder fans should know that Classic Spyro wasn't one who was all that interested in love, not even when he was around Ember, a female dragon around his age in Spyro: A Hero's Tail.

If there is a different Cynder, she's a different interpretation of the original Cynder with different qualities and all. Not all Cynders have to love a Spyro, Skylanders proved that. Smile
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My head cannon is she outcasted herself due to her color as a younger dragon, but when bad things are happening beyond Spyro's reach in these out lands(worlds) He has to go and find her and ask for some help. She agrees and you get to play as her in new worlds.

This was a DLC idea to introduce her, but I don't know if that will ever happen so...

She would play different from Spyro, she would use lightning for faster attacks, but more straight. (No area effect like Spyro's flame)
Her being a outcast she would know a few things Spyro wouldn't, like she doesn't dash like Spyro, instead her Shadow ability from Skylanders, and LoS would play that part for more stealth and strategy.

Like I said head canon, and despite what I have writen about this topic before I do want her in, I just don't know how to do it. With out DLC that is.
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