Spyro Movie V 9.8 Prt 2
Well here it is, the long awaited sequel that no one asked for.  This one was the hardest for me to write because I didn't know how to start it.  But I feel confident with this one.

WARNING:  If you didn't see the last two parts of the first one, well they are taken down due trust issues.  I do indeed want these to be movies one day, but I want the fans approval first.  No one hated the last one so lets see how you take this one.  If you still want to read them IM me one the cite and you can read them.

Advisory:  There is one discussion I did not think fit into the movie, but I put it in there for laughs, but if it does make some people uncomfortable I have no problems taking it out, like I said it was just for laughs, AKA Filler.

So enjoy and let me know if you can't see it.

(If there is no issues part 2 will be up on the 2 of March)

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Hey it once again time for something no one asked for.  Part 2 of Battle for Convexity.

Day late? sure

Part 3 coming?  Well the file got corrupted, (probably a sign not to do this) so I am rewriting it best I can so if you want it be patient.

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The ending with Bianca and Hunter is really cute.  Blush Heart
(03-04-2019, 01:02 AM)SarahSpyborg259 Wrote: The ending with Bianca and Hunter is really cute.  Blush Heart

I thought it to be rushed but fine.  Thank you for reading this
Here is part 3.  This will be taken down with part 2 on March 15

Also please let me know if I should continue this project.  I just pulled 15 hours trying to rewrite this the way I had it and even I don't think it is the way it was, but its the best I got.  These two scripts I have pourd so much into it would make sence to go on and do the rest right?  I don't know.  I would be happy to keep making these cause I have the rest of the games in my head I just need to write them out, but that will take a while.  Let me know if this should be it or do you want to see what happens next

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