Spyro 4 (not EtD)
Well this is either going to unite cretin themes or Spiral us down into chaos.  But lets take a moment to remeber once more how great the Reignited Trilogy is.


Now on to grander things  Spyro 4 (Not Enter the Dragonfly) A new Spyro game.  Officially we have not gotten a new Spyro Game since 2009.  That's ten years people.  So I would like to know what do fans want in the next Spyro game.

I only wish you show respect to you fellow fans here.  and try to keep is simple.  Like 5 things.

So 5 things that will be new or You want to keep, but altogether you want to see.

5.) Playable Bianca, or Hunter.  It was fun to do it in a Hero's Tale and was probably the most Fun I had in that game.  And Bianca would be a fine choice to become Playable.

4.)  New Breath abilities.  The one good thing that came out of Enter the dragonfly is Spyro's breath abilities kept changing throughout the rest of his career so keeping that theme would be great.

3.)  Video game references.  Did you see the tomb raider?  I did.  Could we get more subtle hints at other game franchises?   It's not done nearly enough now a days.

2.)  MAKE THE BEAR PAY!  The moment where you beat up Moneybags was one of the most cathartic things I have ever done in a video game.  Let's do it again.  (Do I sound sick or Sound?)

1.)  GUESS.
Cover it up all you want
You knew I couldn't do it
Now is the time
Do not miss read me
Entirely up to you to agree with me
Re-ignite the best flame

Yes, I do ultimately want that character to be in, I just don't know how to do it

So there you go do you agree? Disagree? What do you want?  5 Things, need more? OK.
I do agree that a Spyro 4 doesn't need to be a remake of ETD, and has potential of being an original Spyro game with new levels, story, NPCs, mechanics, etc.
"Looks like I got some things to do!"

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