Captain Killara
I'll cut to the chase:

There is a D grade series on Netflix called "Kulipari," and I watched both seasons. It's really painful to endure sometimes but in the same reason why I like the LoS series, I was drawn into this concept of a world ruled by reptiles because it is kinda the closest thing you can get to a world ruled by dragons like in LoS. For a while, I'd say the Argonian society in Skyrim was the closest, yet somehow for me this feels closer.

Anyway, there is a lizard mercenary (mercenary lizard?) on the show named Captain Killara. I think he's awesome. If he looked the same but had winged arms, he’d probably make my top 3 of dragon characters as opposed to top 10~20 reptile characters.

My question is does anyone else like him? If so, why? There's nowhere to talk about this. The show has no hype, but his scenes were my favorite part of the whole series. I just need to know if I’m losing my mind (granted I am talking about this on a Spyro forum).
When I had Netflix I saw the first episode, but the art style was fine but the animation is very off at times, and that annoyed me.

What there's a Season 2?
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Apparently, this character was also voiced by Phil LaMarr, the voice of Kane in The Legend of Spyro. I guess this random topic ended up tying into Spyro after all . The show is still painful, skip to his parts or avoid it.
Might bring back this thread now that I watched the first season at least.

I don't like much of Killara and the mercernaries at least in the first season they do stuff for money, I yet to see the second season, the hypest part is
[spoiler] that Killara helped out Darel against Marmoo, although he only did it for payment. Episode 9 gave me many emotions. [/spoiler]

The Issue with Kulipari isn't a super popluar book, also because of the studio behind the show i guess. I gave Kulipari a second chance, and I was bit wrong with the animation, some scenes look very fluent, but not all of them, the story well they tried to adapt a trilogy of books into 13 episodes which noticed it focuses 9 episodes on the first book and the other 4 in the other two for what i could judge, and honestly is never a good idea, looking at you Ga'hoole movie. Also some characters where changed like Jarrah's design,

[spoiler] The Deaths of Sergu and Arabanoo get me everytime.[/spoiler]

I loved the series don't get me wrong, I still love the mecernaries but eh it's just me, also we're allowed to talk about other stuff on the forum about Spyro, that's what many forums do.
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I agree, that one moment where he switches sides is my favorite. Also, when he lets Darrel go because he's not being payed. He's just this sort of grey character who's trying to keep to his own. It's really an intricate idea for a show like this.

I watched season 2 before I saw season 1 because this show isn't lumped into one category which was pretty confusing. Maybe he does more in the next season. There is one moment of his in season 2 that made me laugh and if you watch it Kairi, I'd like to see if you can guess what moment that was.

To move this away from Killara a bit, I have a worry for stories like this, and Ga'hoole, and The Legend of Spyro. If one tries to create a hard fantasy with animal characters, will it inevitably fail? Or is it just that these sorts of projects don't have enough funding. I don't know what the answer is. (Maybe it is just marketing) I just want a good, solid fantasy movie or show about dragons like the ones in Spyro. But they are really tough to find if not nonexistent. I'm trying to write one myself (we'll see how that goes) and I can't help but feel that it would just become a flop since these kinds of shows have a history of not being well received. Hopefully, I do have a great story and it really is just marketing that's causing problems. Dragons would probably sell better than owls or frogs considering there's nothing really on the horizon for dragons that comes to mind.

I hadn't thought about this show in a while, I don't think I need to rewatch the series, but I do want to know what Killara's next move is. Also, to hear him say "Aaaahhh", it's kind of like the skeksis in the Dark Crystal that says "Mmmmmm." Hey, there's a hard fantasy with all creatures, we'll see what happens.

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