Where does Cynder fit?
I was talking with some other fans, not on this site, and the reignited trilogy came up and we talked about how great it was.  We all agreed that all they needed was a patch and a Switch port and it would be solid as you could get.

But one of them said that they wanted a Cynder DLC pack.  We all thought about it and wrote some of it down.  Looking back I see that we unintentionally made it a little darker.

Let's face it she is the Darkest part of the Spyro cast. (or one of) so it made me think "Should she ever be put into this new universe?"

I poked around to see how she fit into Skylanders, which wasn't disappointing, but it was in merchandise that was outside the game cause the story of Skylands is kind of short and not character driven.

I can't believe someone how wants to see her again in a Official Spyro game is saying this but...

I don't think She should EVER be part of this reignited games.  She just doesn't fit.  And if you were to fit her she would again be a way darker story.  Yes it may lead to new game play elements, but are they worth the risk?  Putting her in this game will throw a lot of things out of balance.  We just got Spyro back, I'm not ready to say goodbye again.

What are your thoughts?  Am I over thinking this, or should she be left alone, or she should become a part of this new era?
Well I can see Cynder being reimagined as a completely different character to match the lighthearted atmosphere of the old Spyro games. She has enough fanbase and demand for TFB to consider adding her into the Reignited universe if they choose.

Spyro fans however should take note that she may not be edgy nor have a blood Knight persona she had in the LOS trilogy if they add her in.
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Should have cleared something. Yes I am fine with her being redone, but I am talking out of concern to those who wish more love went to the LoS. There are a few but they are influential. I am speaking out of concern that if you do put her in they won't like her, don't put her in you get the Kingdom hearts fans right now. (Smash bros)
Cynder doesn't fit as much in the Cartoonish world of the Classic Era, especially with her "emo" personality, unless the like Crystal said, redo her personality, then again that's what they did Skylanders Academy which some people kinda didren't like, personally i don't mind her personality in that show.

Are you refering to Sora in Smash Bros arn't ya?
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Whats wrong with a bit more of a edgy/darker story the Sorceress was willing to kill an entire generation for purely selfies and  personal reasons.
Exactly. There’s nothing wrong with Classic Spyro being dark. It doesn’t need to be LoS dark though. It can be Year of the Dragon dark, Shadow Legacy dark, or heck, even Skylanders Academy dark. Just don’t go too overboard to the point of Classic Spyro losing its lighthearted and goofy nature.

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