Favorite Remastered Spyro 1 Dragons
Who are favorite adult dragons in the Spyro 1 portion of Spyro Reignited?

Mine are Nestor, Tomas, Alban, Gildas, Lindar, Magnus, Conan, Todor, Enzo, Asher, Trondo, Cosmos, Cedric, Zantor, Kelvin, Eldrid, Lucas, Bruno, Lyle, Isaak, Bubba, Lateef, Zikomo, Kasiya, Azizi, Copano, Mudada, Revilo and Kosoko.
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Ooh, that's a good one! Let's see... It's going to be tough, but I'm going to try to limit it to twelve; like, say, the twelve I would hypothetically put on a personalised calendar full of fabulous scalebois~ In rough order of appearance, earliest to latest:

Gavin, Gildas, Darius, Halvor, Todor, Zantor, Cyrus, Cedric, Claude, Sadiki, Lateef, and Mudada

And if I had to pick a personal favourite of the bunch, it would easily be my man, Halvor~  Heart 

[Image: halvor.png]

Just... look how precious he is!
Bubba, Nestor, Titan, Magnus, Gunnar and Lindar.
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