Your Best Moments of 2018
Before we get to 2019, what memories of your best moments would you like to share?

My best moments of 2018 are the reveals of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, me going to E3 to play the demo and enjoying it, and me being able to visit the Skylanders/Reignited Trilogy HQ, Toys For Bob. Smile
"Looks like I got some things to do!"

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Definitely getting the Reignited Trilogy was one of the best moments of this year, but I think that's just narrowly beaten for me by finally finding a job I love and getting to walk away from my previous job and bully of a manager.
"I was BORN to glide!"
Finding you guys and this site was it for me.

Playing all the OG games and 120%, 100%, and 117% them

Spyro getting relesed for Smash (mileage may very)

And finally I got a chance to show case the entire seires to a new comer and who knows he maybe on this site soon.

Thanks for this Site CrystalBlazer. U De Bomb

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