These are a few of my favorite things.
Ten things I like about Spyro

Anything goes here.  Topic for reply "What are 10 things you like about Spyro"

10.)  The character may change yet he seems timeless all through out.
OG, Next Gen, Legend, Or Skylander he has always been more then just a one note character of his time.  They have yet to put him in something too outlandish and insulting.


8.)  The community is stronger then expected.
I didn't know so many people cared about this little guy and well... I'm happy to finaly talk about some of this stuff with people who understand how great this Video game Legend is.

7.) Locations.
Every game has a wonderful location, even in the worst ones its still different from the last one, they are all creative and some what memorable

6.)  Easy to play, hard to forget.
I can't forget every thing I learned in High school but I still remember the first time I played each and every game.  I have a big smile on my face every time I play one again.

5.) Did I mention he's a dragon?  What's that you say... that's cheating?  Well what do you know its so cool to play as a dragon.

4.) Cynder is one of if not my favorite Female pro/antagonist ever.
I don't know what is is but I love the story of the bad guy going rouge and trying to be good.  She is the best thing to come out of the legend trilogy and not many would disagree.

3.)  It's always rewarding to go back and play.
OG new paths to take for speeding through plus it rewards your exploration,  New gen you find something great that you with the OG did,  Legend those names that you get when you beat up bad guys is always colorful, Skylanders have a big cast so its always different.

2.) The music
I had to put this on the list cause well its Spyro,  he is like Knights in a way that he is always associated with good music.

1.) He is what Got me into gaming, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
He made an impact on me and the entire gaming world with having that one tiny tinny thing others have taken for granted.  The polygon count software to make things smaller and larger depending on your proximity.  We use this everywhere and it started with him.  The fact I got into this character made the journey into gaming all the more significant.

Thank you all for keeping this guy alive for all these years, and may we meet back here later to talk a little bit more about a very special friend
Anything Spyro should reel in Spyro fans, though we are free to like or dislike whatever content they provide us for the franchise. Smile
"Looks like I got some things to do!"

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