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I couldn't do it guys, I'm sorry but this game broke me.

Hard, too different, and creepy looking characters in sprite form.

Say what you want about the Legend series but they went all the way in changing spyro.  This just feels incomplete and empty.
The sad thing is... I can see Spyro working as a JRPG.  I honestly think the legend trilogy would have been received better if it was (I go further when I find the time on that page).  You get two moves, maybe you get more but I couldn't do it... The world is so difficult to navigate, I went to places that I wasn't suppose to yet got killed and tried over an over until I looked up a guide.  YOU HAVE TWO SCREENS HOW HARD WAS IT TO MAKE A MAP.  That's just me messing around for a few hours.  I don't want to finish this game, like at all.  I don't remember me playing this as a kid yet alone enjoying it, then again I was Spyro crazy.

I'm sure this game has it's fans, but I'm just not one of them.
Yeah, the 2D backgrounds sometimes made it hard to land on platforms, and the story was slightly more darker than the past Spyro games before it.

Fun fact: the producers who worked on the Legend of Spyro also worked on Shadow Legacy, which is why there are some story similarities.
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Although still a Disapointing Game in my eyes, Spyro doesn't even talk in the game for some reason, welp bad introduction to play the Classic Era for me, but since I had a DS, I had to play the DS Games.
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I really tried to like this game, and very occasionally do still go back to it, but it is buggy and seems to have a million ideas, but not fully fleshing out any of them.
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