SPYRO IS IN SMASH?!?!?! (I say prematurely)
well not yet. 

I know it's dirty pool to title this that way but hear me out.  I want the fandom to think about something for when someone decides to put in Spyro.

Which Version would it be?

What move pull would he have?
Assist trophies?
Stage Ideas

We know they are basically putting everyone in. (coughWaluigicough) I mean a Piranha Plant?  Why shouldn't the best dragon be here as well.  I know there is a lot of news flying around who is going to get in, but why is no one saying Spyro,  Besides the OG trilogy every Spyro game has come out on a Nintendo platform. (excluding the reignited trilogy, but we aren't there yet).  He is not under the radar yet, there is still a chance right?  I can not be the only one on this site who thinks this is way to good of an Idea that no one has thought of it.

so Lets talk #SpyroSmash

Get it trending and talk about what you think and Ideas for his DLC pack and which version you want to see

Classic( with legend move pool)  Artisans grounds,  Hunter or Cynder as assist
I Doubt it
I'm also A Skylanders Fan too,So Please don't make such a big deal about it Sad
Classic model with classic flight, fire breath and charge, but with Legend Melee. Sparx or Hunter can assist (Hunter with his bow & arrow, Sparx can act as a shield and use his Spyro 3 projectiles) Stone Hill would be a good battle ground, or Tree tops.

His Ultimate smash can be Dark Spyro with his Aether fury.
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I think that all of Spyro's content would be pulled from the classic trilogy (or reignited, but it's basically the same thing). Sakurai kept Pacman and Megaman in their classic styles and took inspiration from the games that made them famous back in the 80's, so I feel like he would do that for Spyro too. His final smash could be his super flame and flight ability (so I guess basically Yoshi) and an assist trophy could be Gnasty Gnorc turning your opponents into crystal.
The Final Smash could pull a Megaman: Showing all the three Spyros throwing a huge fireball.
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Oh my god I thought I was the only one thinking of that idea of a final smash.

Classic Spyro (in his Superflame powerup skin), with Legend Spyro and Skylanders Spyro lining up for a big flamethrower.
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