Favorite Remastered OST
Which OST that was remastered in the Reignited Trilogy is your favorite? Mine are Stone Hill, Dark Hollow, Dream Weavers, Haunted Towers, Gulp's Overlook, Ripto's Arena, Sheila's Alp, Buzz's Dungeon, Sorceress' Lair, etc.~
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So hard to choose! I loved Dark Hollow, Dark Passage, Hurricos, Fracture Hills (plus the bagpipe tune), Lost Fleet, Evening Lake, Dino Mines to name just a few. A lot of the Spyro 3 ones, I never heard before since I owned the PAL version growing up so missed out on the Greatest Hits tracks. I fell in love with Evening Lake's music, and they did an excellent job with Lost Fleet to make it stand out from Sheila's theme. It really strikes up a picture of snooping around a Pirate Ship graveyard at sunset.
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STONE HILL and Dark towers are my Spyro 1

Interesting story on why I don't have a favorite for Spyro 2

Played through the third without sound out of respect for sleeping people.
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