Scrapped Spyro Game Concept by Vicarious Visions
Liam Robertson revealed that Vicarious Visions had an idea for a Spyro game that Activision turned down.

Vicarious Visions thought about making their own Spyro game for the franchise. It sounded similar to Spyro's Kingdom. The game was going to be a new take on Spyro, taking place many years after the original games with Spyro being an adult dragon. But instead of playing as Spyro, players control their own original dragon character with customizations and Spyro being their mentor in teaching them how to be dragon warriors.

The game would've taken place on a mysterious island that reemerged after years of being lost. The player would explore the island in open world fashion, doing missions for Spyro and other characters, and getting collectibles as the world evolved. The player could even team up with friends online to explore the island together. Gameplay was a mix between exploration and combat, on both the ground and in the air with erial dogfights against enemies. Vicarious Visions even made a prototype for the project and was testing out flight mechanics for the dragon before Activision shut it down to focus more of their other moneymakers.

"Looks like I got some things to do!"

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