Skylanders Academy Season 1and 2 Q&A with Eric Rogers
I reached out to Eric Rogers and asked him a couple of questions about Season 1 and 2 of Skylanders Academy he worked on.

1. You mentioned that Spyro, Stealth Elf and Eruptor are in their early-teens in the show. Early teens usually range from 13-15.5 years old. And in Season 2, we see the trio as professors to the cadets. Was there a time-skip somewhere in Season 1 or 2? And is Cynder around Spyro's age?
Eric: Spyro, Stealth Elf, and Eruptor are more like older classmen to incoming freshmen to a high school. Cynder is close In age, but just brand new to the academy. So it's more like the kids who already go to the school showing the new kid the ropes.

2. During Thankstaking for the Memories episode, everyone but Spyro and Stealth Elf went home or elsewhere for the holiday. Did Cynder stay at the Academy? She couldn’t have gone home back in the Cadaverous Crypts for the holiday, especially after she chose to become a hero and leave her father Malefor.
Eric: No Cynder, in my head she left and spent the holiday with a friend. Kind of like Harry Potter spending a holiday with the Weasleys instead of going home!

3. Did Master Eon adopt Spyro out of guilt and redemption for having banished his family out of Skylands?
Eric: Yes!

4. Do Spyro, Stealth Elf, Eruptor, Jet-Vac and Pop Fizz have an official team name? Fans have called them "Team Spyro" based on Spyro's dialogue from the pilot episode, and Jet-Vac is said to be the leader of the team in the episode "Who's Your Daddy?"
Eric: Honestly they're just Skylanders, nothing specific with those chosen members. Jet-Vac is the defacto "leader" due to being the elder statesman of the group.

5. Was the Skylander Gill Grunt considered for Skylanders Academy? He's also one of the several fan favorites that you see getting a new toy figure every year for the Skylanders video games.
Eric:  I absolutely wanted Gill Grunt and had awesome plans for him. But budget constraints wouldn't allow him to be introduced on my watch.

6. Do the cadets have their own dorms at the Academy to go to afterschool and rest?
Eric: Yes!! The Academy is very much like Hogwarts.

7. Why do some locations from the games look different in Academy? The Skylanders Academy borrowed the same models from the Skylanders Trap Team video game, but the other locations look very generic, even Cloudcracker Prison.
Eric: Because of CGI. It wasn't simple or cheap to recreate locations that we wanted from the game. So corners get cut.
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