Headcanons on Spyro's Pals
Headcanons on Spyro's Allies:
Here it is, my favorite work in progress since my work on the 'Elder Dragons' and the 'Young Dragons' series! This one is a blast to write about! Yes, posts will be slowed after Christmas break, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this series and the 'Classic Bosses series' were halfway done by then, because I am plowing through. There's only two chapters out right now for my newest works with plenty more to come, I just wanted to spread the word. I hope you guys enjoy! Heart
Sample of Chapter 1:
Agent 9:
  • The lights are on and everybody's home, he's one misstep away from committing friendly fire on the innocent that's how unhinged he is. The constant yelling, the literal bouncing off the walls, and the laughing, oooh, that laugh can send chills down to the soul. However, beneath the madness is an unflinchingly loyal primate with a sharper mind than what people give him credit for. Whew, glad to have him on the hero’s side.
  • Rhynoc exterminator turned battlefield liability, he's been deemed 'psychologically unfit' to join the Peace Keeper Army, so he's joined Handel and Greta. 'Secret Agent Agent 9' doesn't roll off the tongue well, but since the Rhynocs have more or less conformed to a life of peace without the Sorceress, he had to find work elsewhere. 
  • He's got more war stories than the damn Peace Keepers, though most teeter along the war crime category. Whether it be the time he packed enough fireworks together to blow up a Rhynoc fortress in Seashell Shores or the time 'Mr. Laser Blaster' ran out of ammo and he was forced to introduce 'Ms. Cybernetic Claws' to an army of Rhynocs in Spooky Swamp, listeners will experience the full range of emotions. The stoic and often gruff Cynder likes him the most out of Spyro's colleagues, and for good reason. He makes her do something that she hardly ever does, something that few have ever witnessed her do... He makes her laugh. His scatterbrained heroism reminds her of the folks in the Dream Weaver Realms, his chaos is comforting to her. Agent 9 thinks she's a good listener and an amazing battle buddy, but trust and believe the real icing on the cake is the banter. She can counter his lightspeed dark humor with her own deadpan wit, it’s spectacular.
  • Out of the friend group, he's the best babysitter for the baby dragons. To start, he's the 'fun uncle' who plays so many games that the kids get tired before he does and he rarely sticks to the schedule given to him by the elders, because they're so bland compared to what he comes up with on the spot. Activities depend on the realm, but he always finds ways to involve excessive amounts of sugar and his laser blaster. In all fairness, he is a rather big kid himself and the only one who could possibly keep thirty children entertained at a time. He bails Hunter out of sticky situations all the time, like when the babies set him on fire or bite his tail… Off. 'Hey, hey, hey kids!!! Uncle Hunter has to reattach his tail right now, hehehe. Wanna go fry some Gnorcs for fun?'
  • Without the helmet and 'space suit' he's got a lot of incision scars from the numerous surgeries performed on him by his creator. The Professor hooked him up with all sorts of enhancements which he documented for future analysis. Agent 9 has read those documents and is disappointed beyond belief at the Professor for not replacing his actual feet with rocket boosters, he won't lose hope, though. Maybe on his birthday or Christmas he'll get them, this monkey is not known for quitting, he'll install them on his own if he has to. ‘This monkey wants to fly, doc!! Hehehe - Ah, I figured you’d say no, so I made a whole three hundred slide presentation of all the benefits. Number one, I can kick major booty at higher elevations…’.
  • The Professor has tabs on Agents 1 through 8 and makes sure that every Agent is aware of the other's existence. Their track devi - identification chips are meant to monitor their vitals and statuses, so the Professor is able to deduce their current activities and whereabouts. Agents 1 and 2 fell in love and eloped to Dragonfly Falls, condition(s): stable. Agent 3 lost contact with the Lab after she went on assignment to Dino Mines, condition: unknown. Agents 4, 5, 6 are on a space station ready to receive orders at a moment's notice, condition(s): stable but subject to change in zero gravity environments. Agent 7's body rejected the protective titanium plating around the medulla oblongata, but x-rays show the foreign object unintentionally severed the brainstem, condition: decommissioned. Agent 8 is retired from active service and currently resides in the primate exhibit at the Avalar Zoo, condition: stable.
  • His brain implants need to be recalibrated twice a year, or else he'll be rendered 'brain dead'. It's not hard to tell when its time either, because he'll be uncharacteristically sluggish and quiet. The only remedy to this situation is to give him a gargantuan boost of energy, sadly, sleep and food won't cut it... But fifty thousand volts will. The nape of his neck has little outlets at the base meant for composite cables to go so his body can directly receive the voltage. After an hour or so hooked up to his Lab's supercomputer, he'll resume his regular activities at his normal supersonic speed.

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