Headcanons on The Classic Bosses
Headcanons on The Classic Spyro Bosses:
I've still got tons of headcanons on these characters, and I mean ALL the characters. I know things might seem like they're being posted frequently, which they kind of are, sorry, but trust me posts are going to be slowing down after Christmas break is over in two weeks. I just wanted to get at least two chapters out for each series so that readers would be getting more than a spoonful. I'm posting this alongside another thread about headcanons on Spyro's friends, which I think is actually progressing at pretty nice pace. Oh, don't forget to check my other headcanon series about the Elder Dragons and the Young Dragons.
Sample of Chapter 1:

  • Singed and out for blood, Toasty is an apex predator. Yes, he is the weakest out of Gnasty's minions, but what he lacks in strength, he makes up for with his tenacity and newfound bloodlust. Years of abuse has made him a hollow shell of his former self and the once friendly sheep who loved getting his nose scratched and being fed pumpkin slices is dead. In its place stands a feral beast willing to risk everything for the destruction of the one person responsible for ruining his life.
  • He used to do what regular sheep did, frolic across the grassy knolls of the Artisan Realms and get a haircut once a year. Too bad this idyllic life was shattered around seven years ago when he found his backside being set ablaze every other day. For years when it finally came to time to shear him, his luscious wool would be burned again by the exact. Same. Dragon! His wool being charred beyond recognition was huge a blow to his self-esteem, all that yearlong work to grow it out was a complete waste. Fortunately for him, Gnasty gave him a chance to get revenge on the dragon that permanently scarred him and he took it. While his 'colleagues' fool around with spells, boxes, and electricity, Toasty prefers use of extreme lethal force to get the job done.
  • He's personally known Spyro the longest out of any other boss, so when he tries to kill him, it's definitely from a deep hatred he’s been harboring against him for years. The dragon has been torturing every flock he stumbles across since he could walk and Toasty is about to put an end to it. He's been sharpening his scythe and training in preparation for their fight every day, but there's still one teeny weeny problem, Spyro is stronger and faster than him and with age he's only getting better. His only chance to win against him would be to get rid of Sparx, but Toasty is not aware of their bond, nor does he care, because killing off the dragonfly is not his main goal.
  • Hiding is out of the option when he's always hacking out a lung, because, apparently, sheep do get bronchitis. He just can't catch a break and when the coughing fits start, he’s going to be stuck like that for a while. Doesn’t matter to him anyhow, Toasty is not one to hide, if anything, he would use the cloud of ash that come out of his lungs to distract his opponents long enough to get a clean swipe at them.
  • The scarecrow get-up was something he’s been meticulously planning, no doubt. The coat was stolen from a boutique mannequin in Town Square, and pumpkins, hay, and scythes are ridiculously easy to come by since Artisans has no shortage of farms for him to snoop around in. The stilts and articulated torso were built by hand… Er… Hoof, and for what it’s worth, his craftsmanship isn’t too bad especially when taking into consideration his lack of opposable thumbs.
  • He's indifferent to Nevin, he still bites him like he does with everyone else, but it's not because he doesn't like him. Gnasty ordered him to take over his realm, and that's what he's going to do. Getting attached to dragons was never on the agenda. What if they get excited or angry and decide to set him on fire? Better safe than sorry and take him out after he's through with Spyro.
Huh, this is a nice take. ^^
I always figured Toasty got fed up with being pushed around by the dragons in the Artisans world, especially by Spyro. And when Gnasty took over, Toasty was given the chance to get back at his dragon tormentors by giving him reign over Artisans.
"Looks like I got some things to do!"

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