"...on Farm" "Super Spyro Speedway Sensation" featured for Game Jam 2018
Reaction videos and cropped screenshots from a Toys For Bob video has been recently shared around some parts of the community with fans speculating on what was shown. But I went out my way to find the original video and it tells some things.

For Game Jam 2018, Toys For Bob did a video where they showcased their game ideas to fellow developers and inspire those to get out of their comfort zones. In the video itself, there are game titles seen on the bigger screens "Dragon Farm", "Super Spyro Speedway Sensation", and "Outlanders". Their gameplay screens are blurred.

After some digging around, I discovered that this was found a few months ago by a member of the Crash Bandicoot community on Facebook. According to them, "Super Spyro Speedway Sensation" was an idea for a Spyro add-on companion game to the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, much like Crash Bandicoot: On The Run.

There are no further details about it, and the other games featured in the video, and whether or not they still exist.

[Image: 023a66441d7e1146eafb14a2a5813dc5.png]

[Image: a2e4cb357c592b69299c7fc4c3532009.png]

[Image: cc1bd37a6656933dec22c440bc3f663c.png]
"Looks like I got some things to do!"

[Image: 06c5b25a08299b7ecb5d4b2ceb06a9d6.gif]
No idea what Dragon Farm could be. Super Spyro Speedway Sensation sounds like a racing game. Maybe Outlanders could be a survival game of some sort taking place in the Outlands in the Skylands?
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