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With Spyro having a fairly large cast of characters it's fun to imagine what some of them you be like should they ever meet.  Even in games that are no longer cannon.  So this is a post about which two or three, please no more unless you need more, characters youu wish would meet in the Spyro Universe and why.

From the Original games:
Ever notice that Bianca and Elora never speak to the other?  it was implied at the end of Spyro 3 but that could have been Hunter telling them where he was going.  What a shame, someone so in charge and someone who just took charge in her own life would be cool to see interact.

From the Legend games:
Cynder and Nina.  Spyro's "Lover" and mother.  OK either parent would work here but I would think seeing how Cynder is the only known female dragon left alive (assuming if Pyra is a real character or not (Look at Jared Pullen’s art page to find out who she is)) it would be, I think, a rather touching moment for at least someone of Cynder's past to have a mother figure.  We didn't get to see much of the Dragonfly parents but I just think this interaction would push those games story to a whole new level.

From the Skylanders games:
ANY of the Academy cast meeting the Original Cast(including Spyro and Cynder)  It may be cheating to my own rules but I do think the show gave what was so clearly a marketing ploy to sell toys a personality.  A strong enough personality it could fit in with the new generation.  Stealth Elf and hunter I could see getting along as both of them are the best friends to their respective Spyros.  You have a plate of unused concept here, don't leave it just because it failed.

What pairing of characters do you want to see have a conversation and why?  Like I said anything goes, mostly.
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Pyra’s male by the way.

I can see a Flame and Ember interaction, playful and trying to hang around with the cooler kid (Spyro).
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Not really too sure about this myself. How about one of the Dragon Leaders or someone from the Order of Dragon Elders (I think they were called that) and Bianca. Did Bianca apologize for stealing the eggs? Did the dragons forgive her? Maybe they started teaching her magic (she’s mentioned in future games to still be in training, after all)?

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