If a LOS remake is ever made...
If a Legend of Spyro remake is ever considered, I really hope...

  • The overall story needs serious revising

  • Gameplay would need some changes so it wouldn't feel repetitive

  • Fix Cynder’s scale color in the third game (come on, game director, you should’ve at least done research on the Purple Dragon lore, yet you still had the game call Cynder “the black dragon”)

  • Allow Jared Pullen and the original LOS team from Krome Studios to help out the new development team doing said LOS remakes on story and character visuals

  • DOTD would have to match the style the first two games are taking, that means it'll look entirely different

  • Jared Pullen and the original team can help with their take on DOTD as well

  • Add in the scrapped story details, content, and cutscenes that orginally couldn't be added into the story because of the time constraints and limited budgets (prime examples: Spyro and Ignitus Swamp miniquest, Igntius' young battle squire Pyra, more dialogue and screentime for Cyril and Volteer for the third installment, more character interaction, etc.)

  • Keep all character designs consistent in art style
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I always thought the LoS would work a lot better if it were a RPG, or had more expansive elements to it. I feel though what you have stated would be beneficial to help others come back and see it wasn't that bad, it just wasn't as good.

If I could change one thing, DotD would be the overall game play, outside of the flying parts. The levels were more open and allowed you to explore and the combat was good in that setting to.

Don't mean to rant just surprised that someone else wouldn't mind seeing it be remade.
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I keep hearing LOS fans say that the trilogy is "perfect", but it's really not perfect. It has story flaws which was caused by yearly releases and low budget. Not to mention the change in game developers made it worse by making continuity confusions.
"Looks like I got some things to do!"

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