DotD model-replacing mod maybe?
With the rise of Reignited mods, those got me thinking. If people can alter Spyro's model or outright replace it but keep the rigs in Reignited, is it possible to do the same thing in DotD, make a mod and alter or even replace Spyro, Cynder and co.’s ingame models so they’re in the more simpler Krome art style? Of course, prerendered cutscenes won’t be affected, but still, it’d be cool to see.

I think it’d look something like this: or or or

Maybe even throw in what Hunter in the Krome artstyle would look like?

What do you think?

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DotD model-replacing mod maybe? - by SarahSpyborg259 - 12-21-2019, 02:17 PM

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