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Hi there ; ) - JudinatheLizard21 - 08-11-2022

Hi, I'm Judina, I'm European, and I'm delighted to have registered here to talk about Spyro and its universes (well maybe not all of them).

I'm a fan of Spyro, finally more on the Legend of Spyro, it's in 2011, from there that I started to fall in love with this universe, the game touched me a lot, whether at the level music, environment and history. Big Grin

Despite this, I saw that his sequel is finished and that Skylanders did not attract me much.

Little by little I started to forget my dragon because that will have no remake of the legend and that the work of irl made me forget. X.X

Until which is a remaster called Spyro reignited, released in 2018 and my heart skipped a beat and I got it for Christmas and after playing it, and of course finished over 100%, I was happy to see my dragon again, and that I resumed my old habits that I left aside. ^-^

I wanted to thank CrystalBlazier that she attracted me a lot on the info she made a year or two ago, and that by looking at how to customize skins and have the PS3 Emulator on PC, that I saw the forum site and that's where I saw things I've never heard, and that she posted to remember to go see the forum.

Here, and it is from there that I registered and that I would be delighted to see the comments and information on the trilogies of Spyro, and that of the Legend.

Sorry to all pave, but I wanted to say what I had on me.

Ps Exclamation : I'm a male and reassured you, it's my oc of Skyrim, I have four or five, if it makes a little uncomfortable for some, I would be ready to change my name.

RE: Hi there ; ) - CrystalBlazier - 08-12-2022

Welcome! Hope you enjoy yourself here ^^
May seem quiet now but the community will grow soon.

RE: Hi there ; ) - JudinatheLizard21 - 08-12-2022

(08-12-2022, 02:54 AM)CrystalBlazier Wrote: Welcome! Hope you enjoy yourself here ^^
May seem quiet now but the community will grow soon.

I also hope, there is surely something to say and share