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NiGHTs - AceArcher5532 - 02-14-2019

Does anyone remember this?  They only made like two.  Both were... well good.

NiGHTs was a game series released by saga during the dreamcast days, (feel free to correct that if I got that wrong).  It was developed by sonic team and was a game where you fly through rings.

It was solid in performance and in creativity in level design.  So where did it go?

Sega has been in trouble for a long time, and right know they are only releasing Sonic games But we will see how that turns out *coughsonicmovie* Several good game titles disappeared in the early-mid 2000.

I was just wondering if anyone played these games.  And does anyone know if someone could revamp this?

RE: KNiGHTs - CrystalBlazier - 02-14-2019

It's spelled NiGHTS, I played the recent game Journey of Dreams for the Wii back then. X3