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Greetings! :) - Heroine of Winds - 06-18-2018

I decided to join here due to regaining interest in the Spyro series again. I'm a huge fan of the Classic Spyro series and I'm really looking forward to the Reignited Trilogy in September. I came across this forum while on DA, so I decided to join here after doing some thinking.

Nice to meet everybody here! Heart

RE: Greetings! :) - CrystalBlazier - 06-18-2018

Welcome! Big Grin

RE: Greetings! :) - SpyroFan69 - 06-19-2018

Welcome to Magic Crafters Heroine Of Winds! We all hope you enjoy your stay! Be sure to visit the Gift Shops in Alpine Ridge and Wizard Peak if you wish to buy souvenirs.

RE: Greetings! :) - Heroine of Winds - 06-19-2018

Thanks guys! Big Grin I'll be sure to enjoy myself here. Smile