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Full Version: Charles Zimbillas on Game Brain's Interview about Reignited was Portrayed Negatively
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A youtuber named Game Brain did an interview with Spyro's original character designer, Charles Zembillas, on the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. But turns out Game Brain intentionally portrayed the interview in a different way than what was discussed and made Charles look like he's acting negatively.

Charles Zembillas Wrote:Hi Crystal Blaze and Unknown. The thing I'm disappointed about the most is the way the interview was portrayed. I went into it with a very positive attitude. I made an emphatic point about how great I thought the look of Spyro is and the whole game as well. For some reason the interviewer took it into a direction that made the entire thing seem negative. It's no secret that I'm disappointed about what went on with Crash and Spyro and Jak and Daxter. But that wasn't the emphasis of the interview. I was contacted and asked about my opinion of the new Spyro and I gave it a glowing review based upon the trailer but he decided to focus on something else entirely. Really ruined the experience for me. I'm not inclined to listen to it and would rather just forget the whole thing.

And here's the video on Game Brain's "talk" on their interview:

I had a feeling when I watched the video that Game Brain had twisted this. The whole thing thing felt kind of clickbaity and sensationalised.