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Full Version: Is it possible to have a different background?
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Or maybe backgrounds linked to a theme?

The default theme fits better with a combination of just about everything. This one might be the most difficult one since pretty much every generation of Spyro is on there and the use of different art styles makes it incredibly difficult to combine.
The current background fits better with a classic theme, where the ps1 and the nintendo gameboy/ds Spyro games are used for the banner. This also seems difficult because of the different angles used in the handheld games.

At the moment I have little to no suggestions for:
The reignited/reignited roster theme. (maybe just artisans home?)
The Skylanders theme, well, Skylanders maybe...
The dragon daddies theme. Something calm? muted colours? #c7ab6d

For now this is all I could suggest, meanwhile, I'll have a look around and see if I could create a background and think about colours that could go along with all those themes/backgrounds. (If homework allows me this much free time)
Hm I can look into that. Smile
How's this for the Dragon Dads theme? :3

[Image: f83275b450c9a5416c7945b55817fd31.png]

[Image: 3db30bb9fbd347509dc408b1cf4900e8.png]

[Image: 0c8c2db50a9933adce1efca7e19ce1c9.png]
(02-22-2021, 09:25 AM)CrystalBlazier Wrote: [ -> ]How's this for the Dragon Dads theme? :3
[3 images]

:O wow! I love it! especially the banner!

Although, my high resolution screen isn't too happy with the repeating background, in the X axis. (I don't see this problem on your screen)
I do admit, I have a odd screen resolution that barely anyone on this planet uses, 2560x1440. I guess I am one of the 5%.
I might ask a bit too much from your time/skills to make the webpage respond to different resolutions, it quickly becomes very tedious to do this. (believe me, I know and I am 100% sure you know too)

If anything is needed from me, just ask me. I have a week off anyway. Wink
(02-22-2021, 09:25 AM)CrystalBlazier Wrote: [ -> ]How's this for the Dragon Dads theme? :3
[3 images]
On the topic of backgrounds, here is a visualization of one partial suggestion I made about the reignited/reignited roster theme.
It is obviously not world's best looking, but I think you get the idea.

Ooo that's not a bad idea for the background Big Grin
Added new background! This should fit :3
(02-23-2021, 06:08 AM)CrystalBlazier Wrote: [ -> ]Added new background! This should fit :3

and it fits well! Much better! 
The way you have placed these tiles makes the repeating pattern much, much less noticeable.

The only thing I can say is, good job! keep it up!  Big Grin
Also added a Reignited background for the Reignited Theme Wink
(02-23-2021, 09:43 AM)CrystalBlazier Wrote: [ -> ]Also added a Reignited background for the Reignited Theme Wink

well, there ya go! as fast a lightning!  Smile And I see you are testing a skylanders acedamy background aswell??
oh yesss it is all coming together now...
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