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Full Version: Numskull Spyro Merchandise
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Recently Numskull has announced their upcoming line of official Spyro merchandise that will include statues, shirts, jumpers, keychains, mugs, candles, wallets, pins, and etc. Now they announced that their dedicated fans can sign up to their newsletter to be the first to see our entire Spyro the Dragon merchandise range when they're ready to reveal it.

Can't wait! Well, I'll have to wait, because I don't want to open an account just yet to check for the shipping prices. The Crash mugs are just 7 pounds so it might be doable for me.
New video on the incense burner!

Dude omg I want that
Numskull is opening preorders in 2 weeks:
The Spyro Numskull merchandise are available for preorder!

[Image: Dkis0dfXsAAGmuD.jpg]

[Image: DkiuKoIXsAAQwE7.jpg]

[Image: DkivYmoWwAEjU8P.jpg]

[Image: DkivYmqW0AEgNns.jpg]

[Image: Dkiw8yDX4AA5Gc-.jpg]

[Image: Dkix4R6WwAEQdEv.jpg]

[Image: Dki3WshXcAAQDkq.jpg]