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Full Version: Speculated Spring Homeworld was never planned (Or was it?)
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So today, Insomniac Games confirmed in their livestream on Spyro Year of the Dragon that there was never a scrapped fourth homeworld based on Spring. It was all a fan theory.

Interesting, I never noticed it. There was no Spring Homeworld...
Well, at least the fan game's still in the works, right?
Not much of a real surprise I suppose, would love to see Insomniac come back and do Spyro again, too bad they keep riding R+C
I've never even heard that rumor and have dug up most of the scrapped areas and glitches available in this game and Year of the Dragon via Google and Youtube.
Whoa! Turns out it was real, but it was merged with Summer Forest:

Okay. First they say it was never planned, then it turns out it was real. What a twist.