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Full Version: First4Figures Spyro Merchandise
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First4Figures is doing a statue merchandise line of Spyro characters, the first is the OG Spyro statue below that costs $324.99.

[Image: vertical_02_2_16.jpg]

The exclusve version of the statue has glow-in-the-dark flames, comes with the Spyro 1 diorama and gems.

[Image: vertical_04_2_17.jpg]

[Image: horizontal_11_14.jpg]

There's an upcoming Crystal Dragon statue that will be bigger than the OG Spyro statue and more expensive.

[Image: c68172b18de15faf788765a6b0c41528.png]

A Sparx statue is also in the works.

[Image: ec137dc17940708409e3ddccb355c442.png]

There's also a Legend of Spyro DOTD Spyro and Cynder statue that LOS fans voted for

[Image: 25f439bd9c7f0025ff8b2c556b788c2e.png]
I did a preorder as soon as the statue was made available for purchase, that was over a year ago and they're just now getting ready to ship them out. Will look great on my desk.
I can't wait to get that Spyro figure!
Crystal Dragon figure teaser -

wants both
Crystal Dragon now available for preorder~!

[Image: horizontal_01_1_28.jpg]

[Image: horizontal_01_1_30.jpg]

[Image: cd_mixed_combo_mailchip.jpg]
Spyro PVC prototype revealed along with its Exclusive version with Sparx.

[Image: DlDyhFrV4AEIHyl.jpg]

[Image: DlDyiJTU0AE7xRU.jpg]

[Image: DlDykhvVsAAKxTs.jpg]
I'm definitely pre ordering the PVC figure asap. I'd rather have that than the resin statue. Smile
I think I will go with the standard PVC figure as soon I can buy it. It is too pretty to be left on the shelf.
The PVC statue both regular and exclusive versions are set for $99.99 USD/Approx €85.50.
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