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Full Version: Spyro Reignited Trilogy Behind the Scenes at GDC Animation Exchange 2019
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Toys For Bob was at GDC 2019 with lead cutscene and gameplay animators talking over the Behind the Scenes look at the Reignited Trilogy. Full stream here, I've set the link to start where the Reignited part is:

[Image: 117d17e0d93b43b2255ce0077ebae351.jpg]

[Image: deaac5ce6cad1e767bf1b137c0d75d6f.jpg]

[Image: c5ab1c3c54beaa7dd7041aa9acb95f9e.jpg]

[Image: a6c311ed214f4564499410d660bb3b67.jpg]
In the third picture in the "Pre-Theme" seems the Elder Dragons would have a upgrade for there original designs in one point, Honestly I like that each one has an individually unique design in the remasters.
There's more:

[Image: 8e94b9fbd1bb7d38aca37da63458b597.jpg]

[Image: 15a1c072db26c3ac7ba135be955d23be.jpg]

[Image: 15477bad24cbb9de95daede3a085d759.jpg]

[Image: 47a2cd4e287bce0702eee5e9640fac45.jpg]