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Full Version: Original Spyro the Dragon plans
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Before Spyro the Dragon was released, there were plans for the game that unfortunately ended up on the cutting room floor. For one, there were originally 2 more dragon races that were never used in the game. They were Machinists and Aquifiers. They were mentioned in the Press Kit, but they never made it in the final game. Gnorc Gnexus was originally named Machinists, but Aquifiers didn’t have a renamed homeworld at all. The intended dragon crystal count was 120, not 80 like in the final game, and Beast Makers were originally named “Beast Masters”. Not only that, you originally gained power ups through “friends” that grand Spyro special abilities, akin to the power up gates in Spyro 2 and 3. They were a flame salamander (super flame), an armadillo (invincibility), a frog (super jump), an elf (time slow. Maybe akin to Dragon Time?), and a wizard (fireball). The list goes on in this Press Kit: I don’t think many people know about this. I haven’t seen anyone else talk or make art about it. What do you guys think about all this? Do you think they should have been in the game, or should they be left alone?
I personally liked the two scrapped dragon races and the powerup friends.
Just thought I might talk about it since not a lot of people know about this.
They could potentially add the scrapped Dragon families in a future game.
They might. They might not. Depending on if Toys for Bob know about it or not. I even tweeted to them about it.