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Full Version: Amazon Germany lists Switch version for August 16th
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Hoping this is real, and with a Nintendo Direct rumored for Wedsnday, we might not have long to wait to find out.
Well this is very interesting. Assuming this is not a hoax or the website being given false information, this is good news. Even if the release date turns out to be false, it at least means that a Switch version is in the works...
A Nintendo Direct is happening tomorrow.
Hmm... Do you think they'll reveal it?
I'm kind of salty about the Direct as a whole. It felt like filler. I know that doesn't seem fair to a lot of hard working programers, but it doen't excuse that there were only like three titles that might work.

Mario Maker 2
Yoshi's crafted world
And that cop link up game.

Everything else just didn't grab me. Or anyone I talked to.